Friday, April 1, 2011

whale & dolphin watching @ dana point harbor

I was so excited when I bought the ticket to go whale/dolphin watching off Dana Point Harbor.  My first time going out in search of big sea mammal in their natural habitat.  I didn't know what to expect, however I hope to see a whale.  I took a cab to the harbor and stood in line with 20 people, all hyped and anxious to get on the boat and explore away.  The ride was chilly and I advise everyone to bring a warm jacket, pair of glasses, sunscreen, sandwiches, water, tennis shoes, and a camera that has great zoom capability for quality pictures.  Sailing for about 30 minutes the Captain announced we were coming up to some dolphins.  Not just a small pod, but a group more than a thousand swimming closely together.  I couldn't imagine relieving that sounded.  As we were approaching the common dolphin, I was shocked on how many there were, surrounding the boat and covering the ocean top as far as I can see.  We didn't get to see any whales on the tour and was told to come back in July when they usually see 4 a day.  Overall the view of Dana Point from the sea made me want to buy a house along the cliffs so I can wake up to the sparkling blue sea everyday.  We saw some sea lions and more dolphins along the way back.  Even though I didn't get a chance to see a whale, the experience I had just seeing the swarm of dolphins out in the wild was something I would never trade.
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