Friday, April 1, 2011

St. Regis Dana Point

My boyfriend was invited to an Avery company charity event for the City of Hope.  He invited me to stay with him for a couple days to experience the gorgeous hotel that has a amazing view of the ocean.  We arrived at the hotel around 9am and our room wasn't ready.  The concierge checked in our bags so we didnt have to lug it around. Jason had to attend the meeting to leave me alone wandering the beautiful property.  I found myself sitting at the lounge, surfing the internet on their free wifi, sipping on some acai berry tea, and looking out the window taking in the serene view.   The weather was perfect on those two days.  Blue clear skies, slight ocean breeze, 75 degree temperature, and the sun just smiling down on us throughout the day.  I was famished and since my boyfriend had a scheduled meeting all through the day, I found myself eating by myself at Motif and Stonehill Tavern.  A bit pricey for a dish that came in a le carte servings, my stomach was still surprisingly full and happy.  After a long day of relaxing I decided to relax more with a nice warm bubble bath and slip into my fluffy robe and white slippers, ending my first day in a feather down bed that knocked me out in seconds.  I would definitely go back again soon.
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