Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brazilian night at the standard hotel and the purple lounge

 The Brazilian Dancer shaking it in her traditional Brazilian feather outfit
 This girl is in a see through tank on the computer.  She cannot make any eye contact with anybody or else she will get fired!

 The artwork in the lounge of all women and boobies

 My love glowing in the dark. I am going to wear white next time.
 My bf and Razmick

 He is such a sexy bitch

 Ani and Razmick

 The performers getting ready in the girls bathroom

We were invited by Raz and Ani to attend Brazilian night at The Standard Hotel.  There were free drinks and bingo in which we missed, maybe next week though.  The night was a lot of fun because we had the Brazilian singers, dancers, and the vibe was just moving to get on the dance floor yourself and shake it.  The Purple Lounge reminded me of a small little rave club.  The room was filled with black lights and paintings of women with their boobs everywhere.  My bf wore a white shirt and he was just glowing the whole night.  The next time I am going to wear white and wear more glowing accessories, how about glowsticks? lol
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