Sunday, June 26, 2011

these are icons to be treasured. icon lounge los angeles

Icon Ultra Lounge is kind of a new spot in LA to go clubbing at.  There are three levels to this place. The picture here is the first level,  with a second, and the rooftop. Majority of the crowd is Asians, even though I prefer mix clubs, this time I didn't mind because at least that night there were some good looking people.  My sister in the blue skirt, Kitty Kat in the white top, and my boyfriend went together, not to get wasted or trashed, but to shake my butt the whole night.  The DJ was pretty sick mixing up the old with the new and even some underground.  The only thing I disliked was the hall walkway.  When it tends to get crowded, its just a bitch to get through.  I just had a lot of fun and we ended the night with some late night Thai food....ordered almost everything!
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