Sunday, April 24, 2011

random pleasures on a nice sunny day

I wanted to do a 9 mile hike up a new trail that day.  However, when I woke up I was already feeling sore from the gym workout from the previous day. So my sister and I decided to keep it low key and take the dogs to a shorter trail.  Still we got a crazy incline workout that made us cry on the way back down the trail.  While walking we saw tonsssss of lizards and we attempted to catch one, well my sister did lol.  Someone warned us of an injured coyote somewhere sitting along the trail which made us more alert of our surroundings.  No fear though since we have a fearless chihuahua and a shepard who would try to fight for us, haha....nevermind, they are not like that.  They would run ahead of us if we ever came across a coyote.  

Exhausted and almost about to pass out in the car using one of the dogs as my pillow I was craving some shaved ice down the street from my apartment.  This is amazing, and the last time I had it was in Hawaii.  This is shaved ice with flavored syrup and ice cream in the middle.  It is great for any sweet cravings.  My boyfriend craves this place more than I do on more rainy or cold nights. I dont get it.  But if you dont have one around your place you are seriously missing out on this delicious treat.
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