Sunday, April 24, 2011

friday fun day

Who loves beer pong?!?!?!?!  Anybody who loves throwing wet balls around and getting twisted at the same time.  Last Friday we had so much fun.  We ended up watching the Laker game back at a local sports bar that turns into a club at night.  LAKERS WON!!! Yes!!!!  That is all we could of asked for to make it a perfect night.  My boyfriend and our other friend Marshall were unstoppable that night.  After winning 8 rounds of beer pong, no joke, they were kind of hoping the other team would win so they wouldn't have to keep buying more pitchers of beer.  It was so much fun was on the dance floor pretty much half the night battling some dudes and girls.  We are lucky that this bar is walkable distance from our place.  Outside there were 6 cops waiting to issue out tickets to people under the for those who had to drive
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