Friday, April 15, 2011

a beautiful day to take a stroll in some shades

What a lovely day it was to take a stroll down to the mall.  I really love walking when the sky is clear with a light cool breeze blowing through.  Another reason why I love walking especially in the morning time is because I meet the nicest people along the way.  Everyone greeted me with a warm good morning and a smile.  That is all I can ask for when I come across someone. 

There is one street that is called Wilbur that I cross almost every other day.  This street always reminds me of my best friend from High School who passed away at that very intersection about 10 years ago in a car accident.  I always think of him almost every day and I miss him dearly.  Till this very day I always feel his presence around me because I believe he is still with me, watching over me, protecting me from harm like how he used to.  I will find little things that always remind me of him, as if he planted them there himself.  Its funny, I know.  Yet, it's such a comforting feeling to think he is always around.
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