Monday, February 28, 2011

velvet margaritas


We were on a mission to find a place to drink with everyone that night.  First we had out dinner and ate a shitload of nachos.  So we wanted to do an all nighter and party some more.  We went to some girls house up in the hills to pre party before we went to a bar down in Hollywood.  An hour goes by and we were still waiting for a couple guys who lagged!  When they arrived they wanted to switch the plans up and stay at the house and drink. Sorry, we wanted to at least catch a bar as we planned.  Ended up at this place called Velvet Margarita since Happy Endings had a line wrapped around the place.  After witnessing a bum fight as we parked the car we headed off in the freezing weather.  Walked in and it was dark purple/blue lighting with a restaurant on the left side, bar on the right, and another bar/dance floor with a dj playing funk music in the back.  The decor was different with mexican puppets on the walls, pinatas hung on the ceilings, and photos of celebrities in a skeletal/gothic portrayal.  Their margaritas where on point!!! N thanks to Jose I had 2, each drink costing $5-6 each.  Not bad for Hollywood.
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