Monday, February 28, 2011

super duper nachos...oh my!

 The forecast this weekend said it was going to shower and dump rain, LIES!  It changed so many times to where we didnt even see one drop. That is so stupid and I hate how the forecasters make up shit.  I made some last minute plans to visit my father while he is recovering from his heart surgery.  He will be starting work again this week.  When I heard it will be snowing up where my parents live, all plans where killed.

So we decided to stay local.  My boyfriend went to go play a chilly game of golf.  With just a light sweater and a pair of jeans, he played 9 holes while he was being frozen stiff.   We decided that our stomachs were craving NACHOS, and the best place to get them are at Hots Cantina located down the street from where we live.  Kicking back a few pitchers and 2 plates of nachos (1 plate is good to feed a party of 4), we had the itch to continue the party elsewhere.
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