Sunday, February 20, 2011

a night with the kings for Gerda

We all went out to eat seafood to celebrate my boyfriends, fathers, new girlfriend Gerda's birthday, phew.  A lady never reveals another lady's true age, so lets just say she celebrated another young birthday.  I am at that point too where I am about to lie about my age or try to forget about it overall. That night was dumping rain and I loved it.  The rain basically cleaned our nasty streets and polluted skies, and a few years ago we had a drought alert, so any rain is a blessing.  Thankfully the past few months we had an abundance of rain.  But getting back to the birthday.  I decided to fill up on some muscles and calamari before my sashimi platter with a side of large sake arrived.  I of course have no shame in eating fish, so that fish swam down my throat like jaws eating nemo.  We just love going to this restaurant.  Why, it is just one of those family spots that never gets old because they have great food, service, price, and a variety of options for any appetite.  
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