Sunday, February 20, 2011

i am scouting for some cookies

I received a call from my cousin yesterday asking to help babysit the kids while she and a few other of my cousins picked up girl scout cookies my God Daughter and her girl scout troop pre-sold.  I already had some plans set that morning, didnt matter thought, family was more important so I agreed to watch the little monsters.  After meditating and gathering my whips and chains, just kidding.  After I got into babysitting mode I made it to my grandmothers house where all the boxes are kept for people come to pick up their order.  I must say that it wasnt that bad considering they had bought some food and brought over a movie, drawing materials, and laptops.  The hour I had with them was a piece of cake with the help of my other cousin too.  To ask how many cousins I have, its in the double digits hahah.  

When they got back with all the boxes I was overwhelmed.  I had never seen so many boxes of delicious cookies under one roof.  My order was a box of each flavor and today I already ate through a whole box myself hahaha.  I think being in girl scouts is harder for the parents than the actual child.  Poor parents had to pick up all the boxes in the dumping rainfall yesterday.  My Grandmother who we all call "Mama" said that if there are any boxes missing its not because of her, its the cookie monster that she lives with.  She is tooo cute.
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