Thursday, June 16, 2011

went to go shopping for clothes and came home with a chicken?!?! hahaha

 Glitter tattoo

 Mexican Candy
 Coconut in the lime?!?!
 Poor Birds

 $3 Rooster Chicken

It was so weird that they were selling fighting cocks in a shopping center. Then again, this is kind of a bargain shopping center to where even fake makeup, perfume, shoes, were being sold.  Just need to know your shit before you think about buying particular items.  So my cousins bf wanted to buy this poor little chicken who was the last out of the bunch sold earlier.  It was only $3! I remember when he had a chicken kept in the garage for a few months and died from some illness.  I hoped he was just kidding on getting another one, with the fear of the same tragedy happening all over again.  Unfortunately one of his kids loved it so he got it!  So we named him "Bruiser" since he is a fighter and could do some real pecker damage lol. 
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