Sunday, June 26, 2011

Venice is like doing acid. If you can't take it with you after you either come down or move away, you were never really there in the first place

 Their first time on the sand
 Oh, so true
 My sister

 walking towards all the shops
 This is the start of the main boardwalk
 Funny sunglasses to buy
 so her, she loves to be cuffed
 boobies!!, pinch pinch

 their accessories are so cheap all over
 Everybody needs a little kush in the daily diet

 hello bongy

 he jumps in a pile of glass for a living. Crazy man

 From the movie "Big"

 Scoot Scoooting away!

 How cool are these!
 The Terminator

 Muscle Beach

My sister and I had to get out of the 90 degree weather from the inland valley, the beach was the best idea.  The dogs never been there and it was the perfect time to.  This beach is dog friendly so it's normal to see dogs wandering around the boardwalk. 
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