Monday, May 9, 2011

nutty brunette from a bouncy blonde

I was pretty pissed off after I let a dumb hair salonist who was thinking more about herself than her client.  After a day I was told by her that she can fix it and to give her a call a couple weeks after.  I did, but now she said that I have to pay to get it back to a lighter state.  The reason why I agreed to go back to dark was for a photoshoot she wanted me to be in at that time.  I was a beautiful blonde in which took a lot of time and money to change from my black hair.  The salonist decided to not use me and now I am stuck with this darker hair that I didn't want in the first place.  Since I didn't want any conflict I agreed to do it.  She also agreed to change it back for free.  Now she wants me to pay for everything.  Nicole Bellows, seriously thanks for NOTHING.  You are a bitch!!!
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