Monday, May 9, 2011

crazy cats loving their crack

I recently bought a harness for my cat of 10 years so she can come with me to the park on nice sunny Cali days. She definitely did not like it, even though she had one before, she felt like it was a stray jacket and didn't want to move at all.   Her name is Missy and my youngest who is about 16lbs is Sia.  We bought this cat toy that came with a bottle of catnip.  Catnip is safe for cats and it makes them pretty high and more playful.  So my boyfriend decided to take the bottle and sprinkle it all over the cat post above.  OMG, they seriously walked to the post like drug addicts and started rolling all over the crack.  Both of them did not want to leave the post and literally stayed there the whole day.  I thought it was awesome!!!  I love cracknip!!!
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