Friday, March 4, 2011

little furballs versus squirrel

My youngest cat Sia encountered a squirrel this morning.  The little brown rodent was hopping around the top floor and my cat decided she wanted to investigate and get into prey versus predator character.  Surprisingly the squirrel was also curious of my cat. So the squirrel started to come down the stairs waiving his/her tail while chattering.  It came halfway down the stairs and my brave kitty started to back down.  WTH...she chases birds or anything that moves and she gets scared when an actual squirrel wanted to go head to head. Oh wells.  She was so ashamed when she came back to the apartment but its ok.  At least she didnt get any rabies!!  Our neighbor is out of town this week and she asked me to feed her 2 boys, Michael and Dwight in the morning.  I have 2 girl kitties, Missy and Sia, and their furball boy toys are just around the corning.  Its so cute when they get together, especially Sia and Dwight.  They go into the bushes together to do God knows what, thankfully they are both fixed haha.
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