Friday, February 4, 2011

to bring the phone or to not

Whenever I go, I have carry three items – car key, ipod, and my cell phone. Our cell phone has become a trend item in our daily lives, including the time at the gym.  It is a common scene in my gym to see people checking the phones, replying text messages or talking on the phone. Nowadays, most phones and the music player are combined.  So, seeing someone bringing the phone to gym does not mean that they will talk on the phone.  May be they just use it as music player.
I bring my mobile phone with me in the gym and I do not put it in the locker.  The convenience of being able to make a call from anywhere is good, but being on the receiving makes running from my various responsibilities almost impossible.  My sister calls me a fail when she sees me do this while working out lol.  Multi tasking baby!!!!
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