Monday, February 28, 2011

sushi roll #10 is deadly

I am a big fan of food challenges and we have one sushi challenge at a small hole in the wall sushi bar.  If you eat 2 of the #10 spicy hand rolls you get your picture on the wall and a shirt.  If you fail, you just go home a poor Loser.  Well my bf and I tried this before and failed miserably.  We have a friend who loves to eat spicy food and conquer these challenges. So I said he has to try this one.  Sure enough like us all, we think we can do it.  He had to sign a waiver shown above.  Ok, in this is not just habanero powder and extract, there is also wasabi oil!!!! That is intense and I think that is the reason why none of us could do it.  The wasabi alone just creeps up your nostrils and lurks down your throat with the spiciness of the habanero.  Pretty much after one bite, he was done. Couldnt do it. As disappointing as it was, I couldnt do it myself, so good try!!!
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