Thursday, February 10, 2011

oh where oh where shall we go

Normally ever year we take a trip together to forget about the working life and jump into a new adventure.  A couple years ago we took an amazing trip to Espana where we traveled from Madrid to Barcelona. Madrid is a city of great monuments. Among its highlights are the medieval center dating back to the Habsburg Empire and the Prado Museum.  But Madrid is not just a cultural destination. It is also a lively metropolis with many pubs, cafes, discotheques and nightclubs open late into the night.  In Barcelona my bf and I travelled around the city saw Gaudi's most famous works, checked out the beaches, and had some of the best tapas in town. The nightlife was also incredible. Our trip couldn't have been a better experience, we got to stop at all of the "must see" tourist attractions.  I also never walked so much in my life! lol
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