Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a night at the boulevard

I wasn't sure what to expect when we reached Boulevard3 because I haven't been to this club in such a long time, but I was glad to be getting out for a 'girls' night,' so i intended to enjoy whatever was thrown at me :) I was blown away. Even in my most critical of assessments, the place was a five-star through and through.  Walked into the first section of the club - a beautiful outside  lounge lined with cabanas and butterfly-lit trees. Most of the cabanas provided seating and were adorned with lights and foliage, while a couple of them were decorated for easter.  The center of the outdoor lounge housed a long pool of water tall enough you could sit along, and floating above it was a fire.

Inside was just as lovely... two floors (the second basically a wrap-around balcony) mod seating all-around, huge bar, gobos and lights on each column and wall, dancer videos framing the stage, dancers on stage, and a raised dance floor in the center. Very very clean setup, all constructed with class and creativity.  Also they normally have free food and that night they had free tacos (I ate 8 lol) and fondue chocolate with steroid strawberries. Yumylicious!
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