Thursday, February 17, 2011

bang bang

I can call today semi-productive.  This morning I woke up to a non power apartment thanks to DWP.  They were doing some installation a block down which made all the apartment complexes have no power for about 3 hours.  Since I had no internet, tv, microwave, stove, anything that I could do to make use of my time, an idea popped.  My hair needed another change and I wanted to give myself some bangs.  Thankfully my phone can surf the youtube videos on how to bang it out myself.  Sure enough I found one that showed me how to achieve the cut I wanted.  I went for a straight cut above the eyes with longer sides.  It will be easy for me to maintain and it can go with my hair pined up or left straight down. After an hour of trying to cut my locks in the bathroom with just a candle, I decided to bring the project to the front door where the mirror was. The skies cleared from the rain and the sun peaked out through the clouds.  It was a success!!! The results are above.

Since I still had nothing else to do I decided to head to starbucks and get myself a latte to award myself on saving money and teaching myself something new.  Next door was a yummy yogurt place and bought the cookies n cream yogurt topped with granola.  Overall with their free wi-fi I had a good day.  My boyfriend came home with a smile because he loved my new do.  He is the best, I think if I ever shaved my head bald, he will still love me. That is love hahah.
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