Sunday, January 23, 2011

raise your glass

Last night I went out to Hollywood with my cousin and some friends to sexy up the town.   First we went to Geisha House which is a japanese fusion restaurant.  We started the night with a few rounds of drinks and appetizers.  I suggest the sesame peppers, Kobe beef with crispy rice, black cod, and most of their rolls are also tasty. There are lots of raw and cooked options so no excuses! Geisha House is a modern Japanese spot so it's a good place for American palates who want to try sushi. The space is also beautiful. Very seductive, all lipstick red.  

Feeling good and a bit tipsy we headed out to a club called "Voyeur" off on Santa Monica Blvd.  I would have to say Saturdays are the best and you get a great mix of attractive people. The half naked women rolling around in next, teasing in a box, or dancing on stage do not really take away from the nightlife experience and is just an amazing added bonus.  

I wore this cute black and simple cocktail dress with my 4 inch high platform heals and accessorized with a few bracelets along with a beautiful peacock feather necklace.  The necklace was such a show stopper and I received so many compliments on it throughout the whole night.
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