Saturday, January 29, 2011

because rockabilly pinup parties are fun

It was a last minute decision when I received a call from my friend Mark to go out for a rockabilly/pin up girl theme party.  I didnt know what to wear at first and after digging through my clothes in my closet I found the right dress. It was an "I Love Lucy" inspired blue and white checkered dress that I bought abut 7 years ago or fun.  I haven't worn this dress in a long time and last night wearing it I felt the part.  The club was not packed which was better in Mark and I opinion because we love to dance, and we need our space to get down haha.  We had a DJ that played a lot of the early 2000 hip hop that is now called "old school" with the new generation :(.  After the club Mark took me to this hole in the wall Mexican food place with the cooks grilling outside.  After a few drinks in me I was craving a lengua burrito, all I can say, SOOO GOOD!!!!  
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